Holy heck. It has now been 724 days since I left to travel the world. April 14, 2015 had been the key date in my life, up until now. I counted down for years until that day arrived, and I’ve been counting up ever since. Soon, however, I will be back at 0. Starting fresh on Day 1. April 19, 2017 marks my ‘New Day 1’.

I will be traveling around the entire United States, making a documentary about the kindness of the every day American. For more information, click on ‘The America I Know’ above! But for a taste of where I’m going, see below! When I got back to Canada almost a year ago now, I could not imagine what would be next. Since then, I found new dreams, which turned into new goals, which turned into new action plans, which will soon become my new normal! I can not thank everyone in my life who has helped make this new pursuit a reality! If you’d like to help, please donate to my GoFundMe page by clicking here, or by reaching out if you have anything else in mind!


April 19-20: Vermont
April 21-22: Maine
April 23: New Hampshire
April 24-25: Massachusetts
April 26: Rhode Island
April 27: Connecticut
April 28-30: New York
May 1: Delaware
May 2: Maryland
May 3: DC
May 4-7: Virginia
May 8-9: North Carolina
May 10-11: South Carolina
May 12-16: Georgia
May 17-21: Florida
May 22-23: Alabama
May 24-26: Mississippi
May 27-29: Louisiana
May 30-June5: Texas
June 6-7: New Mexico
June 8-11:Arizona
June 12-25: California
June 25-30: Oregon
July 1-2: Washington
July 3-4: Wyoming
July 5-8: South Dakota
July 9-12: North Dakota
July 13-15: Minnesota
July 16-18: Wisconsin
July 19-20: Illinois
July 21-23: Indiana
July 24-29: Ohio