Call me crazy, but airports are my happy place. I love them so much that I have convinced myself I can actually feel the energy of excitement buzzing through the expansive space of gates and waiting areas. The excitement of adventures just on the cusp of beginning balanced only by the dimming afterglow of adventures coming to an end. Even for those with less enthusiastic reasons for traveling, there’s a beauty that comes with their unknown. Those travelling for business hoping for potentially positive economic and personal outcomes; those travelling to visit someone who is ill or passed, about to be surrounded by the love of those known and unknown to them; someone breaking away from a troubled present, about to get a fresh start. Everyone’s story is so different, our lives taking place all over the world, interacting with different cultures, in different languages, with different thoughts and opinions and viewpoints. Yet here we find ourselves, all brought together by this magical place that can literally allow us to travel anywhere in the world. It’s mind blowing to me how so many have come to take air travel for granted. The world is at our finger tips here, far beyond the figurative grasp of the internet, but literally within reach.

As I type this, I am sitting in LAX about to return to Toronto, and am reflecting of all the flights ahead of me. New York, Brazil, Argentina, South Africa, and so many more. I am so excited to see the world through the lens of airports all around the world. I have promised myself I will never lose my awe of air travel and I hope for you reading this that you promise yourself the same.