I don’t know about you, but red eye flights generally drain the life right out of me; but this time, the combination of having the middle row to myself and investing in some proper sleep medication, I must have slept at least eight out of the ten hour overnight flight from Toronto to Sao Paulo. Add on to this that the dinner served following take off and the breakfast served just prior to landing were both delicious, I can definitively say that my around-the-world trip got off to a great start.

When Preeya and I planned to start this trip in Sao Paulo, people told us we were crazy. They filled our heads with visions of being mugged immediately after leaving the airport, being attacked on the streets, any kind of awful scenario really, people liked to assure us it would happen. But what we found instead is only the loveliest of people, from finding the bus we needed to get on at the airport, to strangers helping us find our way in the Metro station, to meeting up with our Couchsurfing host. Sao Paulo has most definitely welcomed us with open arms.

As I sit and reflect on my first day in Brazil, on day one of this around the world venture, I am so excited for the unknown that lay ahead of us. We purposely left our trip mostly unplanned, having only a place to stay when we land in Sao Paulo and a flight from Rio to Buenos Aires on May 14. Everything in between now until then will unfold as we go, coming together by suggestions and recommendations from the locals we meet. Having landed with no plans, we already have lunch plans with newfound friends, dancing lessons at a local samba bar, etc. Amanda, our host, has entrusted us with her house keys, leaving us to make her place our own home during our time here. The couchsurfing culture here is incredible; we must have had at least fifty people offer to host us, with countless more offering to take us out and show us the sites. While most people at home in Canada thought I was crazy when I tried to explain couchsurfing to them, if you ever have the opportunity to try it, be it a host or surfer, I highly recommend it, as you meet the most incredible people.

Tomorrow we will head out to really explore the city, and I promise there will be pictures, as I’m told I don’t post enough! Until then, I will sleep tight in my new home away from home.

2 thoughts on “Kicking off my Around the World the Right Way!”

  1. Kacy says:

    Sao Paulo really doesn’t get enough credit. I haven’t spent as much time there as I’d like, yet (it’s about 3 hours from where I’m “living”) but the time I’ve been there has been great. The people are awesome (as they are everywhere in Brazil, I’m sure you’ve noticed) and I really like the blending of so many cultures and SO MUCH TO DO.

    1. This Blonde Abroad says:

      Hey Kacy, you are so right! Everyone at home told me I wasn~t going to like it there at all, but I fell in love with the people. We left feeling like we missed some opportunities, but thankfully we are back there for 5 days at the end of May and have a FULL LIST of things we discovered we missed!! What would you recommend?

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