When a week unexpectedly turns out to be one of the most random weeks… those are my favourite kind. A few weeks ago, my coming back here so soon was an idea in passing. Next thing I know, I’m in New York again with exploratory interviews, lunch meetings with old colleagues, introduction meetings with publishers, and nights out with friends from past travels. It really doesn’t get better than that.

I decided to make the drive out here, not necessarily by choice but of necessity. I’m still technically deemed ‘unfit to fly’, so rather than jumping on a plane shortly before I have ear surgery, I thought perhaps it was time to start adulting and take my doctors advice seriously. I don’t know how I’d never thought to drive here before, since my car has taken me to Nashville, Philly, Chicago, Miami… so many places. It’s almost as if NYC  had been too close for me to consider driving it. I don’t know, I just don’t make sense when it comes to some things. I like to think my sometimes lack of sound logic is endearing. No need to tell me otherwise. Given how my car has always been my peace of mind as well, taking me to new places, calming me when I’m angry, overwhelmed or sad… the idea of spending seven hours in my car this week to head to NYC actually made me quite happy. There’s nothing like a beautiful drive to clear ones mind and discover a sense of renewed inspiration. The drive here was perfect. It rained most of the way, but the beautiful kind of rain, when it smells gorgeous and keeps the temperature warmer than seasonal. I managed to avoid the highways and took backroads the entire way here. I saw a lot of American back country and small towns, which brings a certain kind of contentness to ones heart. I love the feeling of the open highway, don’t get me wrong, but for seven hours, that could get monotonous. That said, doing a back road country drive across Canada or the US is seriously moving up on my bucket list priorities.

Any who, back to Brooklyn… One of the things I’ve learned about myself is I find my writing inspiration while lost in the mix of a foreign place. Now, Brooklyn ain’t that different from Toronto, I know. I’m aware, for all you judgey people who were already thinking that. But Toronto is too much like home for me. Walking around the streets of Brooklyn are new, every turn, every corner, takes me to somewhere I’ve never been. New cafes, new restaurants, new street art, new strangers to smile at as I pass them by… it’s a beautiful thing to rejuvenate ones soul.

As I write this, I’ve been here just over 24 hours and already I’ve been back to Times Square (which is starting to feel a bit too common now), had dinner with some Aussie friends I met in Berlin, went to a comedy show (where Louis CK showed up unannounced!) and finished a whole bunch of work – the actual purpose of my coming here. So suffice to say, an inspiring and worthwhile trip already. Here’s to whatever unexpectedness the rest of the week shall bring!

NYC Skyline