[ssba] What an absolute riot March 16, 2015 was! My friends and I all had tickets to see the Price Is Right and I never knew that I would laugh as much as I did!   The first part of the day is admittedly a bit drab. You arrive at 7am to get a good place in line for a taping at 1:45pm. You check in and from thereon, it's mostly a waiting a game. But most notable of this waiting game is the fact that you must do it without technology, as your phones, cameras and any other kind of technology have been confiscated by security. So be prepared to go old school - ie. actually having to talk to the people you are with and around you. The upside to this? The producers are watching to see who is upbeat, friendly and outgoing to select to be called up, so take advantage of this rare technology-free time!   image           The real fun begins when you are let in to the studio. First of it, it looks SO different from what you expect. It's smaller yet much more brighter and colourful. Think of it as an alcohol-free trip of a nightclub in the middle of the day. I imagine if I were to ever try acid, the Price Is Right studio is what the world would look like! There's a DJ booth (turns out it's just the "what price is that sour cream announcer, but he's cuter than any DJ I've seen!) absolutely cranking the tunes and the studio immediately becomes a dance club - take advantage of this and just let loose! It is an absolute riot!   Once the show starts, it is an hour and a half of pure hilarity and voice losing! You can't help but genuinely be excited for the people being called up and wanting them to win. What you don't realize until you're there is the people called up are the people you talked to and befriended in line - you are genuinely happy for them when they win. By the time you leave for the day, it's a 7am-4pm day, plus whatever kind of commmute you have to the studio. So wear comfy shoes, comfy clothes and be ready to dance your heart out!