[ssba] On my first venture to New York, I knew that I absolutely needed to see a play on broadway, something I had dreamed off for as long as I could remember. When you picture the bright lights of New York City, or at least when I do, 'Broadway!' is always one of the first things that comes to mind. People tried to give me lots of advice on ticket booths and how to get the best deal, but it all went in one ear and out the other, as I was dead set on seeing either Aladdin or Lion King, neither of which ever sells tickets on budget sites or booths. Aside from their epic songs, Aladdin always takes me back to my time in Morocco, and the Lion King was going to get me hyped for the safari I would be embarking on in the coming weeks. I was super pumped. So when Matt told me how badly he wanted to see Larry David's 'Fish In The Dark', my heart sank a little. But given he was going with a broken leg, having been to New York City already, and having done many of the things I wanted to do, how could I argue that when he was already sacrificing so much for a quick get away that had been my idea? Luckily for me, the revelation that I actually have a compromising side in this cold blooded heart excited me enough to look forward to something I had no expectations of. Admittedly, I've never been a fan of Seinfeld, so the name Larry David meant nothing to me. If only I had known! image Being the girl that I am, I was taking longer to get ready than Matt was, so he offered to head down to the theatre to line up for tickets while I finished getting ready. Meeting him there an hour or so later, I learned that while he was sixth in line for tickets, they weren't going on sale at 10am like we thought, but rather at noon, since it was a Sunday (protip for anyone going to see a play on a Sunday - double check the box office time!) Over the course of the next two hours, I wondered around Times Square and played tourist while he waited in line for us. Pretty sure I still need to make that one up to him! image I feel like I should break this into two categories now: the venue vs. the play. In short, the play was incredible, but the venue was absolute shit. While I recognize they don't have accessible seating and told us as much when we inquired about it, they were still the rudest people. For example, the woman who was working the mezzanine where the standing room area was (which were the tickets we bought) told him that he was not allowed to keep his crutches near him as they could be a trip hazard for other patrons. Cool, I get that. But then she said he couldn't even keep them on that floor, not behind the bar, nothing. It wasn't until I made a snarky comment to her when he wasn't looking about how I'm pretty sure she was breaking some kind of accessibility laws that she let him keep them within reaching distance. Usually when you come across a nasty person like this, there's some sort of redeeming quality about the venue, be it other works or whatnot, but honestly, the people at this venue were terrible. They could greatly benefit from some customer service training.

That said, the play was absolutely fantastic. No photos were allowed of course, as with any play, which was just fine with me as watching it from behind the lens of a camera would have been a distraction. From beginning to end, I don't think I had laughed so wholeheartedly in a long time. The play was genuinely funny in a way that Fit didn't mimic anything else I knew or had seen before. The cast was stellar, many of whom I recognized but couldn't quite place. The set was perfect, simple enough for immediate set changes but intricate enough that it was believable when it transformed from a hospital waiting room to inside someone's house instantaneously.

The only downside to the play was the price, even moreso than Aladdin or Lion King would have been. Fish in the Dark has been marketed to people who can afford to spend a lot on luxuries or to those who are spending their lives savings for the opportunity to see the bright lights of New York City. For a budget traveller, which is what we were, your best option is to line up quite early and buy some of the extremely limited standing room spots. If you're willing to trade of a few hour of your life (or are fortunate enough to have someone to do it for you, as I was!) I would definitely recommend Fish in the Dark to anyone who is a fan of comedy.