[ssba] Standing under Christ the Redeemer is something I have dreamed of doing for as long as I can remember. To me, it represented one of those iconic life moments that I had no choice but to experience. So often when you set these kind of expectations, the reality of the experience is far less exciting than how it was envisioned. Fortunately for me, Cristo Redentor did not disappoint! It is definitely one of the most photographed sites in the world for good reason. Words can not do justice to the enormity of Christ the Redeemer. From the morning I first spotted him on the bus ride into Rio De Janeiro, to the moment I stood directly beneath him up high on the mountain, to the nights I stood in the ocean, waves crashing up onto my legs, as I looked up at him lit up for the world to see, each time was equally as awe inspiring. For anyone who has dreamed of seeing him, make it happen. You will not be disappointed. image image image image image image