Sometimes, you wake up expecting the day to be like every other day, not knowing something wonderful is going to happen. That was yesterday for me. I woke up to a message from a friend that simply said “Laguna Beach or Santa Monica?” to which I replied “Santa Monica”, assuming I was picking where they were going. An hour later, I was on my way to Santa Monica!

The Santa Monica Pier was far larger than I had imaged. The colours, the water, all of it was just beautiful! When we got to the end of the pier, it couldn’t have been timed more perfectly… there were dolphins swimming in the water, jumping out every few seconds! From the pier it was to this gorgeous beach for a lil frisbee <3




And apparently, in California they don’t just have outdoor gyms like anywhere else I’ve been. No, California goes Texas style and does it all big! Apparently a lot of American Ninja Warriors train here, the original site of Muscle Beach. Check out this insane swing contraption… Not only do people do it from end to end (I would probably hang on the first one for maybe 6 seconds, think about swinging to the second one… and then fall), they go to the end, swing around and come right back, doing crazy tricks in between. Now when I meet buff guys at home, I usually write them off as meatheads (I know, I know, terrible!) but here I was actually in awe. These aren’t your ‘take a gym selfie of my arm muscle’ kind of guys (girls too, but I didn’t see any, so I’m going with guys here!). They are legitimately skilled and trained guys, buff bodies simply a side effect. I can respect that.




From here, we just kept walking down the beach which takes one right into Venice Beach! Now Venice Beach was pretty bad ass. I’m a complete sucker for street art, of which there was plenty, tons of cool shirt shops, lots of beach, a skate park (where Floyd Mayweather rolled up beside us! Wwwhhaattt!!??) and tons of cool little restaurants. I loved the Venice Beach vibe.





After lots of laughing, eating and people watching, we walked back to Santa Monica just in time to catch the sunset. All in all, the most wonderfully unexpected day!