Nine days until the next adventure. Five days until my 2-year anniversary from my departure for Brazil. This world honestly never ceases to amaze me. Two years ago tonight I was packing my backpack, unpacking it, repacking it. I was looking at three pairs of tights, three sweaters, three t-shirts that I would be wearing for the next year of my life (confession: I switched them out twice along the way!) Yet still, that is the lifestyle I’ve gotten used to. The concept of choice still overwhelms me. In a society that prides itself on filling our closets to the point that we don’t even know what’s in them anymore, I still can’t get over the concept of having more than five items to choose from.

So even this next journey, having the space of a trunk and a backseat seems too much. Someone gifted me $100 today, as their contribution to this adventure I’m embarking on, to buy myself the normal, every day supplies I’ll need. I went to the store and was honestly stuck at $38. I couldn’t justify anything else, because I didn’t need it.

How the heck do I fill a trunk? I’ve got my sleeping bag, tent, pillow & blanket in the back seat. In the trunk I have all the car repair & first aid supplies I think I may need in an emergency situation. But in front of me here I have a suitcase that I can’t for the life of me fill. Three sundresses, a few tights, some sweaters, my jeans, and some shoes. It’s about 1/4 full and I’ve got nothing left to put in it. And that is the best feeling ever. I guess it’s ready to be filled with memories.

Two years ago I could not even fathom the idea that the journey I was about to embark one would one day be just a memory. Yet here I am, looking back on it, a memory of a time in my life now. It blows my mind to imagine that tonight, as I type this, will also just one day be a memory of a thing I did. 33 US States, 1 District & so many beautiful faces along the way. As unprepared as I feel… I am so ready… patiently waiting! ✌