Who am I… well it seems I have to update this page quite regularly, to keep up with who I am, since every place I go and every experience I have changes me as a person.

If you look at my Twitter bio, I’m a “humanist, adventurer, lover of the outdoors, project manager, traveler,  sister”

According to Instagram, I’m a girl who is “driving to all 4 corners of the USA to showcase to the world the kindness of Americans!”

Flipping through my website will probably give you the best idea of who I am, so should you feel the need to peruse, please do! But here’s what people generally like to ask me…

“Do you have a day job… you know, a real job?”

Yes! To preface this, I have had two amazing career jobs, each of which I quit. In 2010, I saved up and quit my job at the Centre for International Governance Innovation to move to England. Once I was back, I then worked for 4 years at Pinty’s Delicious Foods, which provided me the amazing opportunity to save up to quit in 2015 and travel around the world for over a year. One I was back in Canada in June 2016, I took on some side gig consulting jobs and starting building my own business, Steph Paige Communications. With a portfolio of amazing clients that I now work with, I work remotely from home while continuing to pursue my passion of exploring the world and meeting as many of it’s beautiful people as possible.

“So where are you going and where have you been?”

Where have I been? As many places as possible. I’ve backpacked across the eastern coast of South America, the corners of Africa (from South Africa to Tanzania to Morocco to Egypt), India, China and South East Asia. I’ve done multiple get-away trips with friends throughout the Caribbean. I’ve both lived in England and backpacked throughout Europe. I’ve both flown and driven to States in the USA.

But what’s next excites me more than anything. After traveling through 34 different countries & 14 American States, I am once again stepping it up and heading out on my next big adventure.

Shortly, I will be embarking on the road trip of a life time, driving through 35 American States (& 1 District!). I’ll be driving the perimeter of the USA, leaving from Toronto across to Maine, down to Florida, across to California, up to Washington, then across the northern States back to Toronto. The purpose of the trip is to showcase the kindness of the every-day American, in a time when the world isn’t seeing very much of that when they turn on the news. To this end, I’ll be relying entirely on the kindness and generosity of Americans, when it comes to accommodations, meals & getting away. I’ll be documenting this entire trip into a documentary.

If you would like to help fund this documentary (it ain’t cheap!) you can do so by CLICKING HERE! You can also send me an email or reach out on any my socials.

“Why should I give a shit what you write about?”

Good question! I have absolutely no idea! When I decided to set off on this around the world journey, I felt that sharing the experiences would be both beneficial to myself and anyone else considering doing the same. Not to mention my friends and family seem to want assurances that I’m not dead on a somewhat frequent basis, so this seemed a good way without requiring the use of mass notifications.

“Why are you so obsessed with travelling? Isn’t that a bit unhealthy?”

Dude, why are you on a travel website right now if you’re seriously wondering this? Travel is everything that is great about life. Plus, for the world to become a more loving, accepting place, travel is of critical importance. Experiencing different cultures, languages and any other differences that may seemingly separate people are the only things that can truly teach tolerance and acceptance. Reading about it means very little in relation to living it.